Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Newt Gingrich, and my Garden lantern!

How's that for a blog post Title?

After he met Newt Gingrich for a brief excerpt reading and Discussion on his
latest book, the sweet man I married ran a quick errand for me and our garden! 

I've been stalking this Garden lantern for two years... Today, it's mine!

I first noticed it two years ago at, Antique Marketplace in Greensboro, and I
 kinda liked it... But I never thought we had the right place for it in the garden. That was
until we snapped up the five amazing Japanese Maple trees we found last weekend! Now,
with the addition of these trees, the lantern is Exactly what this area of the garden needed!

And, it's Drilled, which means very soon there
will be a soft, glowing Light in this spot too!

I've always liked how this ornament was just the
right amount of Oriental without being overly so

Don't judge me... That was my Honest, first impression of it

I love how the setting Sun lights up the lantern in this
spot. And, of course, all these gorgeous Leaves too!

Through some light Negotiating effort, I got quite the Deal on
it too... Which makes adding it to our Landscape even sweeter!

And, I only have Newt Gingrich to thank for giving us
a reason to get over to Greensboro to pick it up!


  1. It looks perfect under the changing leaves. I think your gqarden is so beautiful.

  2. Great blog! What's taken me so long to get here?!


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