Monday, January 12, 2009

TimTam Time!

Apparently, people in Australia can't be without their Arnott's TimTam cookies... Over 400 million of them are Consumed in Australia each year. Read all about the TimTam US debut and their Limited availability, Here

And, while I'm no lover of Fudge (ick!) or chocolate biscuits, all it takes to make me an Instant fan of anything is to tell me it's available Only for a Limited time... So before March 31st rolls around and we're all Forced to bid on TimTams on e-Bay, I decided to see what all the Fuss was about.

I'm ashamed to admit that I had to almost eat a Whole package yesterday before my appreciation for TimTams kicked in... See, the first Five tasted like nothing at all (and yet I kept eating them!) Kinda like an average Fudge cookie I could live the Rest of my life without. The chocolate Fudge coating wasn't particularly Tasty and despite what I'd read about them, the Creme filling was okay but the wafer Cookie, or biscuit as they say, Down Under, was nothing to write home or Blog about.

I almost offered what Remained of the first package I opened to William, just to make them disappear. But then, a Funny thing happened on my way into the Living room to give my Limited edition TimTams away... I can't explain it, Perhaps it was because I was feeling, Over it; but after Quieter analysis, I realized the cookie suddenly became Everything I read about it once I after I SLOWED down and began to savor that Last one I popped into my Mouth! Eaten slowly, the chocolate fudge Coating becomes smooth and creamy and Melts, as it's meant to. After the initial melting Goodness finishes, the cookie dissolves, keeping some of its Crunchy texture and gives way to the Creme filling, and POW! It's TimTam time!

Somehow, I managed to Polish off the rest of the open Chocolate creme package, and I even indulged in a few of the Carmel variety, just to Taste-test them for you, of course.

I had to stop at Target tonight on my way home, (the Only place you can buy TimTams) for Oven cleaner and purposely took the Long way around the store to find it, Lest the cookie isle call me back over for more TimTams. Bottom line, they're $3.39-a-package-Good and if you like fudge coated chocolate cookies, Caramel and fluffy chocolate creme filling, you might want to Pop over to your nearest Target store tonight. Because while I'm hopeful they'll reconsider the selling cut-Off date and go on to introduce the Black Forest Fantasy variety the good people of Australia are able to enjoy whenever they like, Pepperidge Farm has no plans to continue offering TimTams at Target past March. Hurry!

I have the Last package of unopened Chocolate Creme TimTams hidden
away... Only time will tell if I eat them or post them for Sale on e-Bay!

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