Saturday, January 3, 2009

I said I'd be back!

Although I didn't get there this morning, like I told them I would when I asked the nice man at Williams-Sonoma to hide all the Cioppino base they had left, I did make it there this afternoon!

Of course, I couldn't just Dash in for the Cioppino base, I
had to take another look around. Just in case...
all the Toile placemats were gone. Too bad I have no
use for Tablecloths or napkins. Still many of those remain!
Ring it up, Michael... Oh, and this Cute little jam set too
I wouldn't pay $35.00 for it, but on sale for $19.99, I would! Besides,
the little spreader is  Laguiole and the labels say the Jars
are European glassware, and that Must be worth $20
See? There's our Laguiole Bee!
On our way Back to Lost in Time antiques for another Pyrex platter and Fireking
salad plate, we stopped by one of the Antique shops in the West End where
I spotted this Goebel annual plate. I like the little Girl on the plate, and since
1985 has meaning to me, I took it - and, it was just $10, so Why not? The cashier
asked if 1985 had any Special signifcance and when I told her, Yes, it is the year we
were Married, Wonderhubby said, Oh, I was wondering why you picked that up. Hello?
Turns out that the Cashier was also married in 1985, and she said she Remembered
that fact after I said we were married in 1985. So maybe it isn't just a Guy thing... Hum.
And, get this! The same plate at Lost in Time was marked $55 so I did Very well on it!  
Well now, isn't this Interesting... You know what this Means, right?
It means that my Neighbor isn't the only Hunter who keeps his Victims
mounted on his Wall. Just look at the Size of that Moose and that deer!
Let's hope that the Fact that his Bow there on the floor is also for sale means
this Hunter gave Up this particular hobby and has moved on to Knitting for his fun!
Or, maybe he became the Hunted, and there's now a deer family Admiring him
on their Den wall. Ha! That's the interesting part of Exploring shops like this one... 
You just never know what you'll run into, and Wondering about who may have 
owned these things and how they Ended up here is Really kinda fun
That was Some moose! Poor Bullwinkle...
Now, I have Never had any Interest whatsoever in owning one of these things but
do take a Close look at that white Ram... It is simply Beautiful! I could so see it
hanging on the front of a Massive rangehood, High above an eight-burner Viking range
in a 10,000 square foot Aspen cabin... Oh sorry, I was dreaming there for a minute!
What a face... If I ever get that Cabin in Aspen, that Ram is going with Me!

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