Sunday, January 25, 2009


My american-Star bundt cake pan gave up its Prize without a fight! Ina always says to Slip small pieces of Parchment paper under your cake before you Decorate because it will help keep your cake stand or Platter clean. Pretty good idea... However, I think I'll conserve my precious parchment paper and use my pop-up Foil sheets instead. 

Why? Because before I left California I bought 20 boxes of these handy, pop-Up foil sheets I always use to wrap my whole baked or sweet potatoes before putting them on the Grill or into the oven. I don't know, I somehow thought I'd never find them in North Carolina, and I still don't know if I could find them if I looked, but I wasn't taking any chances so I bought Smart & Final out! I realize now that I probably won't Live long enough to use 50,000 sheets of foil so I'm finding others uses for them, and this one is just as Good as any!

Very pretty! But now that she's out of the pan... How to Decorate? I'm thinking
it will have to be a Quick sprinkle of Powdered sugar through my sifter. Or...
... a Ganache?
That's it! How about Hazelnut ganache? I don't know if it'll work but
I cannot think of a better way to Use this stuff... It was part of the very
nice Harry & David gift basket someone at work sent me for Christmas
but it's not something I would Normally buy or eat - So let's try it, Shall we?
Hum... Maybe not!
I heated and mixed and then mixed some more but it wasn't looking
very Promising... Maybe a touch more Heavy cream will help?
and then, just as I was about to Give up and
donate my Bright idea to the Sink disposal...
a funny thing Happened and Ganache began to appear!
smooth, Shiny, pourable and very Tasty, ganache!
then for Ina's trick! Removing the Foil from my platter after
the ganache sets up... Works perfectly Every time!
someone just asked me if he could have Desert before dinner!
I said No, but I'll get right on dinner now...
So much for my nap, huh?

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