Saturday, January 24, 2009

But you already Have wooden Spoons...

I watch Martha and Ina cook on their Shows every day, and in Ina's case, my DVR records her twice. And, every day, the one thing I keep coming back to is the Fabulous wooden spoons those ladies use. I love them! So I had to have them... Our first stop this morning was Williams-Sonoma, with a plan to hit Macy*s if they didn't have them. But W-S is exactly where I found the French wooden spoons both Ina and Martha use. Yea!

But you already have Wooden spoons... Lots of wooden spoons, How many wooden spoons do you need? Silly man! I need these Wooden spoons...

He's right... I do have Wooden spoons. Lots of them!
Oh, Look! There's my Bing-kitty... Hi, Bing!
and this is only what I grabbed Quickly, out of the top drawer and doesn't Include
the six in the Dishwasher right now. And, there are more packages of Wooden spoons
I haven't even opened yet in the pantry too! I think I'll start giving wooden spoons as Gifts!
but, fact is, all my wooden Spoons are Bamboo and they were not
made in France. And, they are not what Ina or Martha use. So there!
their Wooden Spoons are These wooden Spoons and they
are Lovely! And, not nearly as expensive as I thought they might be
either so I bought Three. And, I may go back for more...

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