Monday, January 19, 2009

A day Off with my Bing!

bath time before our Nap time!

Woke up to the smell of Snow in the air this morning! The weather-Lady says it could snow later this evening or it may just Rain. Whatever it decides to do is Fine with me because, frankly, I'm over getting my Hopes up for snow in this area. So if it snows I'll be glad to see it and if it doesn't, I won't be surprised. 

What I know is that it's a Perfect day to be off with my Bing. Heck! Any day off with my Bing is perfect! There's a bunch of Stuff going on out there right now so we're just going to Snuggle up and watch some Mindless television for a while. What kind of stuff, you ask? 

Well, our dear Aunt Lois is losing her battle with Burkitt's Lymphoma so we were Warned last night to expect a call within 24-hours to let us know she's No longer with us. Aunt Lois is a Very stubborn and feisty woman so my money's on her being with us a bit longer than Hospice predicts! What makes this especially difficult is that Aunt Lois is the last of his mother's siblings; therefore, the Last of that generation. We lost her sister, his Aunt Martha just two years ago, which was the last time we saw Aunt Lois. Standing outside Green's funeral home in Herndon, she was looking fit and was Spunky as ever! I've been thinking a lot about the last time I saw Aunt Lois and how you just Never know when the Last time it is you might see someone... On top of that, we were told Aunt Lois's nephew is in the same hospital right now. He's in the shock/Trauma unit following an accident (he collided with two horses) on his way home from Work the other night. My sister-in-law said his parents are my age so he could be in his late teens/Early twenties. I sure hope he Pulls through!  

What makes all this news Worse for us is that getting up to Arlington for yet another Bridge family funeral is just south of Impossible. I mean, first of all, what Hotel isn't going to be booked in the Arlington/DC area this week? Plus, I leave for Monterey Friday at 6AM; and, in the meantime, work is Depending on me to wrap things up before I leave. Therefore, as much as I would love to be there for our Family at this difficult time, there really is No way to manage another trip now. I mean, there is only so Much we can do. And, all we can do is ask her family to let Aunt Lois know that we love her and that our Life was better because she was in it. Sad... But it just is what it is.  

We were talking about Aunt Lois last night on our way to Dinner and how it seems that we're just far enough away from our families to only see them at Weddings and funerals. Sadly, there have been more Funerals than weddings. Zero weddings, in fact and Five funerals since we moved to the East coast a few years ago. Bummers, every one of them! And, every funeral has occurred during the coldest months for the Arlington/Washington, DC area too, which is where all of his family lives. Funerals suck at any time of year but somehow standing over a gravesite in Zero-degree weather, freezing and shivering on a Dark, silent, cold day in winter adds a whole other dimension in Suckage to a family funeral. Any way, we both agreed during our discussion that if either of us bites it during the Winter months, we'll wait until Spring to hold the burial. Ha! It's good to have a plan, I guess...

And, just to get all the Sad news out of the way... Brandon called Last night. Only had Four minutes. Too short. Way too short and not as Upbeat as Brandon's other calls. It appears that the real Army has begun now that he's left Reception and finally made it to Basic because he said, It's tough, I miss you guys. Hearing those words, my Heart sank. I replied, I love you, Moo and, I miss you, as many times as I could and then Brandon had to hang up. I couldn't get his little Voice out of my head all night and I'm still worried. At 2AM I said a Prayer for Brandon and then found sleep. Clearly, I'm not Army strong. I am just his Mom.

So! Now you know all about why our Only plan today is to stay right here in this little Warm spot. Just Bing and me. We're going to snuggle up now and watch the Boobie-tube!

there's my Snuggle-bunny... He's pressed up tight against my thigh
and probably Wishes I'd put this lap desk and my computer away! 
he's drifting off to Sleep now...
a Twitch, a deep breath and a sweet little sigh says he's Comfy
Stretched out and snoozin' now!
this Post has taken me longer than he wanted so Bing's up
and turned around now to Glare at me... What a Puss!

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