Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Of all the people I share my January 9th Birthday with, people such as, Joan Baez, Jimmy Page and Bob Denver, aka Gilligan from one of my favorite 70's sit-coms, it is always You that I think of and remember First... You don't know me, but from the hours I spent Pouring over your papers and taking in all the other Fascinating things at your Library, including that section of the Berlin wall, and touring your Childhood home and standing by your grave, where you rest with your Beloved in the same Peace you worked so hard to achieve for all of us during your tenure as our 37th President, I came to know and Appreciate you for how much you Loved your family and this Great nation.

Richard Nixon was a Wonderful force of Nature. A brilliant, Honorable man, Loving husband and father, and Exactly what our Country needed during his time. I wish everyone knew and remembered what I know about you and the Tremendous service you paid this Nation. So, Happy Birthday, Mr. President - I'm thinking about you today!

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