Friday, January 30, 2009

Class of 2009 Senior Day

Today is Senior Day at Ronald Wilson Reagan High School, and while William generally regards me as a disease, I went any way. And, I stood next to him... Despite the advanced Warnings I received not to!

Very nice!

things sure have Improved since I went to High School... JCHS had
a pretty decent Cafeteria (although I cannot recall ever seeing it); however,
that dark, basement Cafeteria at St. Xavier's was just archaic!
I waited in line to Order his announcements, name and Thank you
cards but I resisted the commemorative Flip flops, Bling and Fuzzy dice
Just in case you thought Bling was my word, take a look
at the Order form... (click to enlarge) - I also find the $10.00
packaging fee rather odd. I mean, how else could they sell it?
I must be Getting old. I'll just shut up and Write my check now...
a young Lady having her Cap & Gown portrait taken
My Senior!
Just before I took this photo he said, You know
you don't have to be here any more, right? I know,
son, but we're Bonding... Now, just smile for me!
William with Mr. Stan Elrod, the Principal of Reagan high
school and pretty much all-around-Good guy!
Mr. Elrod telling William how much he's Looking forward
to handing William his diploma... I am too!

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