Saturday, January 17, 2009

My travel Carry-on Strategy

Okay... I've read Continental's carry-on policy Several times and just hope what I picked will pass muster. I'm pretty sure that I'll be okay with the larger piece of carry-on Luggage, my only concern is whether or not they'll accept my smaller bag under their 1 other Personal bag rule, which they say can be a briefcase/laptop/camera bag or purse. I usually carry my Macbook, digital camera, all my powercords, Itinerary and whatever book I'm reading in it, and I'm willing to throw my wallet and Blackberry into it and call it my purse too. So... The question is, will my Smaller bag be small enough to Qualify as the 1 small personal bag allowed. What do you think? If I can get away with it I'll be Golden because I just did a practice-packing and everything I'll need (not want, just need) for my 9-day trip to Monterey fits within these Two bags. Well, not everything... Not my hot roller set, of course. But I plan to buy a set when I get there and just leave them at mom and dad's so I won't have to take up precious suitcase space to take my own. Otherwise, I'm good. 

Besides, I don't have to worry about packing a lot of the usual stuff I always pack, such as full-size bottles of shampoo and conditioner and a bunch of clothes, because, (1) my parents use all the best Aveda hair-stuff I'm happy to use too and, (2) no one Loves to do laundry more than my Mom so just a couple of outfits and something nice to wear to Mass on Sunday is all I need. Well, except for a few pairs of shoes...

So here's my Strategy... I'll get their way early and take another bag that looks more like a huge Purse without the wheels my little bag has, one I already know my Mac/digicam and purse stuff will fit into and if they tell me I can't take the bag I prefer, I'll just transfer everything, let him take it back home and still avoid having to check anything. Fingers crossed! 

tomorrow I'll ask him to pull out all the Luggage we already have and check those for their
Pass-the-rules potential... but I couldn't not Buy these cute pieces I found this afternoon!  
I wasn't sure about this blue shoulder-sling bag for this Trip but it was too
cute not to Grab... I can totally imagine Filling it full of bath Bombs at the Lush
store in Carmel and bringing it back as my second Carry-on if I end up checking
baggage on the way back. Because you know I'm bringing more back than I take
with me!! Girl with a Plan... That's me! Now tell me if you think I'll be okay
with the 2 bags above that I really, really would rather Travel with! Oh, and do
please Note that my little rolling Briefcase is only a tiny bit bigger than the
blue one! I know, I know, it's Continental I must convince. Not you... Darn!

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