Wednesday, January 28, 2009

GO Cardinals!!

photo by my friend, Leslie Pullum

Tell me... how Fantastic is this photo? I think it's pretty Darn fantastic. In fact, I love it! Thanks, Leslie!

So now that you know that I am so NOT a Steeler's fan and that I would very Much ENJOY seeing the Cardinals win this Sunday, I'll tell you that Poor Leslie (and the rest of our Hanesbrands Bentonville team) is Freezing her buns off today following a rather Nasty ice storm that hit that area yesterday. Leslie feeds pancakes to the Birds that come to her backyard deck, another reason we are friends, and she said that when she saw this Fat little Cardinal she just had to take his picture for me!

Ice storms. Yuck! It's exactly the kind of Winter weather we usually get here too, and exactly why we Invested in three things immediately after we experiencing our first North Carolina ice storm... a Big chainsaw, a set of Gas logs for the den fireplace and a standby Generator, because four days without Power only happens to this California girl once!

Sending you Warm hugs in Bentonville, Leslie... And, please do keep the Photos coming!

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