Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scratch that!

I went to bed last night Resolved not to do any housework, Cooking or organizing today. My plan was to Sleep-in and catch up on all my reading, which is Long overdue - the reading, not the sleeping-in part. However, that was Last night's plan, and the plan after a Full day of cleaning and organizing. Feeling refreshed and Inspired again this morning I did this:

With my New jewelry cabinet in place I decided to clean out all
the Ring, necklace and bracelet boxes from the Cabinet in the
bathroom where I used to store all my Every-day jewelry... 
and Look! It is now the Perfect spot for all my Lush goodies!
An added bonus to having them all up here in this Cabinet
is that they make my Whole bathroom smell Amazing!
although I am unhappy about my Dad needing to have surgery being the
Reason behind my upcoming Trip to Monterey... I am Thrilled to be going
home to see my Parents, and more than a little Excited about taking my Mom
to the Lush store they have right there in Carmel!! Because after all, there's room
left in my cabinet for More! By the way, you see those two Spheres on the top shelf
on the left up there? Those are also bath Bombs. Except when I bought them at Costco
more than EIGHT years ago, they were simply called, Bath Fizzes. You know what this
means, don't you? I was Bombing my bath water before Lush made bath Bombs so Cool. Ha!

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  1. I super love Lush. My Elizabeth used to bring me back goodies from Europe before Lush was in stateside.


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