Sunday, January 25, 2009


Of course, I thought about Brandon's letter all night... The realization he seems to have had that what he was Used to, comfortable with and Enjoyed about home and his life before the Army are now all things he misses very much hit me pretty hard. But worse for me was realizing along with Brandon that his coming home is No longer a choice either of us can make. He's no longer a Civilian and that College student at ASU isn't who Brandon is any more. Coming home any time he wants is no longer an option, for either of us. And I am powerless to change any of this. Oh, yes... that does means I didn't sleep at all. I also couldn't help thinking about Brandon's I miss these things list. I thought about the Cookies Brandon said he misses and somewhere between 2AM and five o'clock this morning, I decided I'd bake those cookies. Not because I can send them to him, but just because I wanted to bake them and think about Brandon while I baked.  

But what began as a bake-Fest quickly turned into a scavenger Hunt because no matter where I looked, I could not find my Baking soda! And, I know I have baking soda... lots of it! I mean, every time I decide to bake or cook I usually end up buying all-new ingredients, so there are at least four Boxes of baking soda somewhere in my kitchen or pantry. But no. I even tried Distracting myself by moving on to other things, hoping I'd stumble on the baking soda along the way... I pulled out the chocolate, the Heath toffee chips, the brown Sugar, my vanilla, baking POWDER, and set the Butter out; but still, no baking soda appeared. And, since I vowed yesterday not to leave the house today, going to the Market was not an option. But I really wanted to bake... So I moved to plan B. Because while I cleaned out the pantry I came across those 10 boxes of cake mixes I bought last summer for that cake decorating class I took. So the decision was made for me. It had to be a Bundt cake. Besides, a bundt cake requires less oven babysitting, which will allow more time for a Nap - so a Bundt cake it is!

And, not just any old Bundt cake... I remembered that new American bundt cake pan I found in June; the one I thought would be great for the 4th of July. The one I didn't use because who bakes a Fourth of July cake in 100 degree weather? Besides, I was burnt out on cake baking after that decorating class I took in June... But today is a Fine day to try out my Patriotic bundt pan, especially since I'm thinking about Brandon, my new Favorite patriot!  
my cake decorating Teacher encouraged us all to buy white cake mixes
since a Light cake makes it easier to Decorate the outlines on the character
pans she also had us Buy. So while White cake isn't my first choice for a Bundt
cake, I have really got to do something with all these White cake mixes I have!
what Lovely, fresh eggs!
adding the Veg oil (I used Canola instead)
eggs, Oil and now for the water...
mixing it all together
ready for our American bundt pan!
it just Occurred to me that this tight, Star-design could make for one
very Stuck-in-the-pan Cake, and decorating could be a real Challenge too!
I hope that's Light and Even enough!
Fingers crossed... let's Pour that batter!
doesn't get any Easier than that!
into the Oven you go!
set the Timer for 39 minutes...
Happy baking! I hardly Slept at all last night so I'm going to take a long,
hot shower and Read in bed and maybe watch Ina Garten cook for a while
Not so fast! William just asked if I was making Breakfast... Why sure I am,
what can I get you for Breakfast (at 1 o'clock in the afternoon)? I offered Bundt
cake in 39 minutes but he said he was thinking more like Eggs and bacon... 
your Breakfast is ready! Now, for that Shower...
39 minutes later and, I can already tell it's not Nearly done
because there's a Jiggle going on as I pull the rack out of the oven
ten additional minutes later... no more Jiggle and the skewer is Clean!
there are Many things I love about my kitchen since we had the Existing cabinets
refaced and added the new Drawers and door-fronts but if I had to name Just one
thing I love the Most, it would have to be the Subway tile backsplash. I love the Classic
look. I love how Easy it is to keep clean, and most of all I love that the man I love
did it For me... now, if I could only Convince him on the Marble counter tops I want!
rest here...
I sure do Hope you're not too attached to that pan!
okay, it's nap Time... See you in a bit! 

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