Saturday, January 10, 2009

I couldn't Tell you...

... if the Sun came out today or not. Why? Because yours truly was Busy in the house all day long and never made it outdoors! My best childhood friend, who now lives in Omaha, rang me this morning to Wish me a happy, belated Birthday, which was the Perfect way to begin my day! Bette and I have known each other since the Fourth grade and just hearing her Voice takes me back to those Wonderful years we spent in Frankfurt together, when Shaun Cassidy posters were plastered all over my bedroom walls and every adult we knew in their Forties seemed ancient! 

After my chat with Bette I contemplated all the things I could do today. Lifetime Movie Network declared it a Stay In Bed movie weekend, but as tempting as that was, the to-me-from-me Birthday gifts I ordered over the Holidays were just begging for my Attention today... Truthfully, what really motivated me to get out of bed and to unpack the boxes was all the Complaining he was doing in the garage about how my Boxes were in his way.

So what did I send Myself, you ask? Well, although I've never shopped the Home Shopping Network or QVC before, somehow, with all the Time I had off from work over Christmas, I managed to tune in a time or Three and placed an order from both. And, I have to tell you that next to some of the people that call in to Gush about her stuff, I find Joy Mangano, this woman that Peddles her inventions on HSN to be just about the Most annoying human being on the planet. However, her limited Vocabulary and over the Top selling style aside, what she had to say about her Huggable hanger system spoke to me! See, I wear a lot of sweaters and V-neck knit tops and find that those I don't have to dry clean and can wash myself never Stay put on the hangers. They always slide down, which stretches the necks out. And, since I like to dry all my Sweaters and tops while they hang, I usually got those goofy hanger bumps on the shoulder too. Now, I've been pretty successful at eliminating the shoulder bumps since I discovered mini-clothes Pins work to hold tops in place on my hangers, but sometimes the clothes pins left Marks too. But not any more! Not only do my New hangers hold my tops in place Perfectly, they also do a marvelous job keeping my camisoles and tank tops off the Closet floor too. 

Any way, I received 120 hangers plus three really Cool accessory hangers to hold all my Belts and scarves. Also, these hangers came with little hook-thingees so you can cascade three or four Hangers onto one hanger and thereby save lots of space. I don't remember exactly, but I think I paid $119.00 and shipping was Free - plus, the set came with ten Velvet gift bags to share them with others and 10, $10.00-off coupons toward future Joy Mangano HSN product purchases. I don't expect to Use the coupons so if you want one, just e-mail me and I'll send it to you!

Now, don't get me wrong, before these new Hangers arrived, I had a pretty nice system going. All of my previous hangers matched and they weren't Cheap either. I ordered them a few years ago from a Commercial hanger distributor in New York. And, truth be told, I still like the Skirt and pant hangers I had much More than the news ones. But for my sweaters, T-shirts and knit tops... These new Huggable hangers are worth having!

These hangers come in a ton of pretty Colors but I prefer
white-everything so I chose the Chrome/white-diamond option    
my new Hanger system inspired me to Clean out my entire closet!
And, I decided to Follow the rules of my OCD all-the-Way
and color-coordinated my Fall/winter Wardrobe too!
I moved all my extra Blankets, new sheet and Duvet sets and the other
miscellaneous stuff in the bottom of my Closet into Brandon's closet
the Absolute worst thing about this house is its Lack of a walk-in
closet. Therefore, I have to get Creative with my storage options...
And, it doesn't get more creative than this! I used the media storage in
the TV armoire in our Bedroom as a hiding place for all my soaps, lotions
body Wash, shampoo/condition and other stuff that won't fit in my bathroom
... did I mention that this house also Lacks bathroom storage? Well, it does!
I was on a Tear today so I decided to move the little Refrigerator we
had in the master bedroom into Brandon's room. It won't be as convenient
to Grab a bottle of water before bed or to get my face cream or eye masks
that I keep in the Freezer compartment, but it is Just across the hall! 
Bing will miss having it under the Window in our bedroom because it served
as the Perfect spot for him to Watch the birds in the Trees in the front yard
removing the Refrigerator inspired me to clean the carpet and my Windows
and the blinds and then dust/Windex everything else in my room - Whew!
and, this is my second From-me-to-me Birthday gift... It's something I saw
offered on the QVC channel and I thought would be a more Reasonable way
to organize all my every-Day watches and jewelry. Plus, I wear a lot of sterling
Silver, and this cabinet is lined with something that's supposed to prevent Sterling
from tarnishing. Too bad it won't polish my pieces that are already Tarnished, huh!? 
I was pleasantly Surprised by how well this cabinet is constructed and even the
little Key is cute and decorative too. I like the idea of being able to see everything at once,
having it all Organized and the extra Mirror is nice too. Now I just need to Commit to it
enough to Toss out all the little Boxes I have for these things. I still have the Good stuff in the
safe for the Obvious reasons, plus my Watch winder my Rolex is on won't fit in this Cabinet
you know what all the Empty space in this Cabinet
means, right? Means I have plenty of room for More jewelry!

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