Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Inspired by Ina Garten!

I was Inspired to try Ina's steakhouse steaks and Wild mushrooms recipes Last night after viewing the Episode of her show, Barefoot Contessa I have set to record every evening at 5PM. Now, if you should require total Honesty from me, (and you should!) I'd have to confess the Inspiration to try these recipes came Mostly after watching her incredibly Handsome friend, T.R. Pescod take a bite of steak off the Tip of the fork Ina so playfully offered up to his Perfectly shaped lips. Because... more truth here... I cannot stand Mushrooms and I am not tempted to eat steak very often. Usually only when I can grill a good Filet outside myself or at Ruth's Chris, or when I'm in Monterey, at John Pisto's Whaling Station restaurant, where every Cut of beef is done Best!

So.... when I called to ask my dear Husband to remove the boneless Chicken breast I had in the kitchen Freezer over into the refrigerator to thaw for dinner tonight and he asked, But what are you making for me? because chicken isn't his Favorite, I immediately decided it would have to be Ina's steakhouse Steak and wild Mushrooms for him tonight. Of course, after the market I'll have to pop over to the Hardware store for the pre-seasoned cast Iron skillet Ina recommends, because as incredible as this sounds, I don't have one.

I do own a square, cast Iron grilling skillet that my Fabulous friend, Robert bought for me at the Whaling Station the last time he came up to Monterey from Pomona and we had dinner there. But I've never used it so it remains unseasoned. And, Ina said to use a round, pre-seasoned, Flat cast iron Skillet so that's what I'm going to do. Besides, I'm hoping for that same look on my man's Face tonight when I feed him a chunk of my steak like Ina got from T.R.

Because the truth is, I'd buy a Skillet for that man! Stay tuned...

Ina's Steakhouse Steaks recipe

Ina's Sauteed Wild Mushrooms recipe

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  1. You are SO GOING TO LOVE THIS!!! I was a little hesitant with all the cracked black pepper, but the heat really tames it, just makes it beautiful. That has been the best recipe book ever, THANK YOU and love to you, C


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