Friday, January 2, 2009

It's so Pretty!

The Williams-Sonoma Cioppino I made tonight is so Pretty that I'm
posting a photo of the Finished bowl for you to take in right away... Because
making you wait would be Cruel, and could mean that I don't love you as Much as I do!
a little Kosher salt and fresh Cracked black pepper
the recipe calls for White fish, and it was Really all I could do not to pick the Sea bass;
however, since this is a Soup I went with the Flounder. If I were grilling, it'd be the Bass!
I first caramelized a sweet Yellow onion with the garlic and butter, then I
added the Cioppino base to my pot... Can't you just smell the Wine? 
brought the Base to a boil, then set the flame Lower to simmer. Then I added
all of my Seafood and simmered 6 minutes more... Just until my Clams smiled!
how nice to find a Cioppino base as good as my own that doesn't Require all
that work . Not to mention all the pricey Spices you use Only to make Cioppino
I just called Williams-Sonoma and asked
them to hold the last 4 jars they have left!
One last time, and Quick too, because the
man I Love is Drooling over there in the corner!

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