Friday, August 1, 2008


August First. Wow! It was on this day that we arrived at our new North Carolina home from California - After five days on the road we left Knoxville at eight o'clock and pulled into the driveway here at noon. We'd only been here once before when we picked out the House in April, and I hadn't thought to Mapquest it, but somehow we found our way back as if coming home was already an Old habit. Let me tell you, that was some 3,318 mile Trip, and it's been one heck of a Ride ever since. Brandon was still a Little boy, just starting the eighth grade and today, he's a Junior in college. William was a new fifth grader and this year he will Graduate. Some days it feels like Yesterday and other days I cannot Remember what it feels like to live anywhere else. Mostly though, it just feels like yesterday.

When I think back on Everything that's happened and what we've accomplished since the move here I cannot get over how Much work we've done, how much we've Changed and grown as a Family and frankly, how much we were all Capable of. Whew! Was it the Right thing to do? Would I do it all again? The answer to both questions is... Absolutely maybe.

August 1st is also the Twentieth anniversary of the first Rush Limbaugh radio program. Some people say they will never Forget where they were when Kennedy was assassinated and I know I'll never forget what I was doing the morning of September 11th; but I'll also never forget that First time I heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio.

Brandon was five months old and we were on our way to a 10AM appointment with his pediatrician, Dr. Penn and on the radio that August 1st there was this brand New voice. I was a little shocked at first. Kinda like the first time I heard Madonna sing the word Virgin on the radio in 1983 - But this was a Better kind of shock; no... make that a Great kind of shock, because I remember thinking, "Who is this guy and why is he saying out Loud what I'm thinking in my head about Politics and democrat politicians?" I instantly fell in Love with Rush Limbaugh and that affair has continued now for Twenty years. That's not to say that listening to Rush didn't become Very difficult in 2000 when he Suddenly seemed hell-bent on highlighting every Opportunity to criticize George W. Bush. Or that I didn't feel let Down when Rush was being Accused of doctor-shopping or that I wasn't Disappointed when he and his third wife of ten years, Marta divorced after Rush very publicly credited her for supporting him while he struggled to cope with the Loss of his hearing. But all that aside, and whatever the Level of back-ground noise around him, Rush Limbaugh was then and remains today my Conservative lighthouse on the treacherous Coastline of Liberalism.

Not only do I wish Rush Limbaugh perfect health to Keep doing what he was obviously Born to do for another Twenty years, I am also proud to say I've raised two Rush babies under his tutelage- Because whatever their faults, my boys live Conservative values... Now if they could only get Conservative points of Self-sufficiency and the matter of personal Responsibility down we'd all be in Fine shape. Ha!

Oh! Today was also take-Bing-back-to-the-Vet day, which was no Fun. He needed a Booster for one of the Three vaccines they administered to him three weeks ago, and they recommended we have his Teeth cleaned. This required him to be put under general anesthetic and spend the Day there... I know! Hell for both of us!

Since he had to take a Chemical nap any way, I authorized Dr. Hoffman to remove the little bump from under Bing's chin, which I fully admit bothered me a Whole lot more than it ever bothered Bing! Getting Bing into his crate and over to the Vet's office at 7:30 this morning (on my day off when I could have been napping) was no picnic but Checking him in turned out to be an ordeal too... So many questions! Such as: Do you want Bing to have pain medication if we have to Extract a tooth or multiple teeth? Yes! Hello? Do I look like someone that wants my kitty-companion to Suffer pain? Do you want us to send the mass we remove to the Lab for pathology results? How much will that cost? $123.00, on top of the $50 fee to remove it. No. Just ask Dr. Hoffman to use his judgement... If he believes it's something like cancer he needs to treat Bing for, then send it off. But if it looks like a pimple or a wart, flush it and forget it. Do you want Bing to have a fluoride treatment? Yes. Do you want us to polish Bing's teeth? No, because he's not Running for Office. Good God! I've had gynecological exams that required Less questioning!

After we dropped Bing off we went to breakfast and then we decided to Stroll through Antique Marketplace in Greensboro, which turned out to be a Perfect distraction. The place was crawling with Dealers who were either marking things down or adding new Treasures to their booths. I met a wonderful woman putting out a bunch of Shells and a beautiful Coral cluster. I'm a sucker for Seashells, starfish and especially Corals so I grabbed it. The dealer hadn't even marked the piece yet so I asked her for her Dealer code to give the Cashier so she would get credit for the Sale. I was stunned to see her write only $10.00 down as her Price! I felt like I was stealing it from her. Maybe it was all the books he picked up in her Booth that convinced her to give Me a little break... Whatever it was, I am just thrilled to have it because it looks Fantastic on my Felicity table!

So we've picked up Bing. He's ignoring me now, which I fully expected. You won't believe this but I'll tell you any way... After all those questions I was asked this morning, THEY FORGOT to give Bing his booster shot! I realized when I glanced at the invoice at the first stop light that it wasn't listed there... So I called to ask if I could bring Bing right back since neither of us is in any Hurry to repeat this exercise of going to the Vet any time soon. And, don't think it doesn't tick me off that they didn't stick Bing with the needle while he was asleep and less likely to be bothered by it! Fortunately, the doctor was still there so I could take Bing back and get the booster. And, no discount for the trouble either! $348.00 later, we're good until his Next check-up in a year. Yea! And, that bump... It was just a wart. So, All things Considered, it was a Great day.

Before I go I cannot help but Remind you of another Great thing about August... It means FOOTBALL season is just around the corner. As in THIS Sunday! Redskins and Colts play at eight o'clock! Of course, this also means Tony Romo has just a few Weeks left to Dump that Dumb Girl!

I love Coral.
I still need a few More pieces...
This one Fits in Perfectly!

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