Saturday, August 2, 2008

What my Pool-boy won't do!

All the new Pottery Barn umbrellas arrived this week and they are Better than I expected! Originally I intended all three to stand by the pool but after seeing the Green in real life, it was clear that it belongs on the deck overlooking the Garden instead. Unfortunately, all of them came out of their boxes horribly wrinkled, which won't do at all; however, when I complained about the wrinkles he Immediately said that if I ask him to iron the Umbrellas, he'll be forced to Divorce me. Apparently there are some things my Pool-boy won't do for me. So I guess, for the sake of the Children, I'll have to Relax under wrinkled umbrellas until they settle out - Drat!   
Pottery Barn's Scalloped Umbrellas - They went on sale the day 
after they Arrived so I called for an adjustment on all three - Yea!
The non-Scalloped umbrella is Pottery Barn, circa 2006

I like the way the Scallops hang down - They feel shadier 
than any of our  other Umbrellas! Perhaps it's the dark color...
Summertime Loveliness
See what I mean? This green was Meant for the Garden deck for sure...
And, what a Garden it is!
I cannot remember what Pottery Barn calls this Green, but I call it Sweet pea!
And, a great Match for the Umbrella we already have!

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