Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vacation, Day 3 - Enough with the Rain!

Not only can't I float around in my Pool in this weather but do you know what all this Rain does to my PH level? My dear Pool boy will have his hands full to get it Ready for the sunny Weekend we've been promised... Enough with the rainy vacation, please! 

After my soggy Walk there was Nothing left to do but to go Shopping. More rain Tomorrow so I have a pedi at 11:30 and then I'm off to Thomasville for day one of the Thomasville Furniture Outlet's Labor Day sale. Yea!

Come walk in the Rain with me... 

Another inch or two and we're in trouble!
Rain, rain, Go away!
My creek is anything but Calm today!
Won't be going over the Bridge today!
Note the puddles in my Path to the secret garden...
Good thing I've got my rain boots on!
Dear Saint Francis, we Give thanks for the Rain but could you Help move it along?

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