Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Outside...

Sunday began in the Usual way... Snuggled up with Bing. What an absolute Joy it is to have this cat! He sleeps like a Baby and loves and appreciates me the way my Boys should. Ha!
I couldn't wait to get outside to the Deck today! 
The weather was Fantastic - Bright, clear, no humidity. Yea!
The peppers are Coming along now!
And, so are the Tomatoes. Of course, whether or not we 
get these is Totally up to the raccoons. So far they 
haven't left us any at all... They ate all the Corn too!
Phlox Butterfly!
For the Fourth time this year the Bluebirds are busy raising 
another New family... There are three little Fuzz-heads in this nest! 
Feeding the Koi
Vegas has gotten huge this year!
There's Reno!
Creeping Jenny, Hostas and ferns - Nothing better by the Pond!
I brought Leonard and Sheldon out onto the Deck today!
They really seemed to Enjoy being outside - They sang All day!
Silly birds!

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