Friday, August 22, 2008

Loving Keli!

I just love it when Keli goes to New York, (or anywhere else for that matter) because she Always sends me the Coolest souvenirs! Fortunately for me, Keli's latest trip to the City was no exception!

Ever since I saw Anne Hathaway wearing this one particular necklace in the film The Devil Wears Prada I've wanted to own it too but haven't had much Luck finding it... But Keli did! Of course, it may not be authentic (wink, wink) but even so, it's Very likable! There was one charm I noticed was placed on up-side-down but it was silly of me to expect perfection, especially since China had it's best 10-year old workers out winning Gold medals for their gymnastics team last week. Nevertheless, turning the charm around was a Quick fix and now it is perfect! The Kate Spade tote Keli picked out for me is just as Fantastic as the necklace. As hard as I am on my bags, it's Fun to have one that only Looks like it cost hundreds of dollars without having to worry about Messing it up.

This just reinforces that Keli and I need to plan another trip to NYC together. I told her this morning we might just have to arrange our own little Reunion in New York next summer and skip our 25-year high school reunion being planned in Junction City. After all, the shopping is So much better in New York than it is in Kansas!
Bing approves of Keli's gifts too!

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