Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Enchilada Update!

I have to tell you... After work last night I rushed home to make More enchiladas for dinner. Yes!

First, because the chicken enchiladas I made Sunday night were so fantastic Brandon actually cracked a smile over Dinner, and second because I had to do something with the remaining Three dozen tortillas. Clarity is not something I usually take to the market with me - I have a recipe in my head and since I cannot be bothered to write it down I end up Over-buying on everything I need and always leave with a bunch of other Stuff I don't, that's also totally unrelated to the dish. It's like driving; I'm so busy answering e-mail, talking on the phone or changing CD's in the changer that I do everything but drive. Market shopping is the same way, and since Brandon was with me I had his, "Oh! I forgot, let's go back to the... section for the ..." to further test my concentration. So I couldn't decide between the soft taco or the burrito grande size Tortillas so I bought three bags of the soft taco size and two bags of the burrito grande. I'd never attempted Enchiladas before Sunday so I had no idea which size baking dish I'd use, and I knew William would want Quesadillas so I figured lots of both size Tortillas couldn't be bad. But in the end, with 25+/- tortillas in the kitchen there had to be More enchiladas!

This time though I did Steak, and they were just as Amazing! I grilled skirt steak (no time to marinade so I rubbed it with Pisto's Sensational California seasoning) and when it was just about medium I pulled it off the grill, let it rest 10 minutes, then sliced it into fajita-like strips. I added the usual... Cilantro, red onion and crushed garlic (because old Habits die hard) and some tomato, then I tossed in some green pepper strips I sautéed in Olive oil for a few minutes. Oh! This time I used Mexican Fresco cheese instead of Monterey Jack to go along with the shredded Mild cheddar I used. I added the enchilada Sauce to the tortillas before I rolled them and then topped all my Enchiladas with a little more of both cheeses and the remaining sauce. I bought a small can of Enchilada sauce last night instead of the Jumbo can I bought on Sunday, which was Perfect.

Let me tell you, Mexican at our house is now strictly Enchiladas because they blow my Tacos and burritos away... And, I do them pretty well too. I hope you'll try Enchiladas soon!

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