Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fall, babies and Cake!

My sweet, new baby Birds are another Week older!

It's pure joy to watch Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird feeding them all day - Each takes turns gathering Insects from the yard, then they Swoop over to the house and hang from the hole to Feed. Hungry baby Birds are Very noisy!

Speaking of helpless, Hungry beings... Do you hear that? No? Me either! Today is the First day since William began his new job that BOTH boys are at work at the Same time! The house is perfectly Quiet and completely ours for the next eight hours. How will we ever Busy and entertain ourselves? Ha!
We stopped in at Marsha's for Two new Koi babies for the Pond
This is Goldie and when the light hits her she Sparkles!
And, this is Zip! Normally, they cost $35 but since we also picked
up a New filtration system Marsha only charged me $30 each
Birds aren't the only ones that Perch!
Here's a Chipmunk busy cleaning out the Bird feeder too...
Fall showed up this Morning so I too advantage of the
Cooler temperature outside to bake a Cake this morning!
Into the pan We go... And now it's out to the Deck for me to enjoy
my melon for Breakfast and to read a bit while our cake bakes
I admit I needed a new Cake stand like I need another Teenager but I
couldn't pass up this Diner-style stand I found at Home Goods Friday
A perfect Orange Bundt - Chocolate Buttercream to come later...
I can tell Fall is coming by the Way the light comes into the Kitchen now

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