Friday, August 15, 2008

Not just for Burgers & hotdogs Any more!

I'll tell you all About my Pizza-stone grill experiment In a minute. First though, it wouldn't be a Lazy summer Friday morning without my Bing. Here he is... And, once again, I was first one out of bed! This says, No... it's Okay, you go shop, I'll just stay here
The grill-top Pizza stone I ordered arrived yesterday so I couldn't wait to try it.
I researched pizza Dough recipes all week and had Several I intended to try but I settled
on a Recipe I stumbled upon in the Instruction booklet for my Food processor of all things!
It was Dumb luck really, and Great! Because instead of slaving over one of the More complicated
recipes I found that required Kneading and more than Two hours of rising time I whipped up an
Amazing dough in just a couple of Minutes using my food Processor. As you know, I've only used it
once to make Pesto in all the years I've owned it and didn't even Think about it for Pizza dough...
But it turned out to be Best choice for my dough. It came with a Dough blade... Who knew? Ha!
Wa-LA! One 2-minute batch yields Four pizzas!
My little Dough ball needed 45 minutes to Rise so while it did its thing in
the kitchen, I did mine upstairs in the Bedroom. I took advantage of the sale
at Macy*s this afternoon to pick up a new European goose down Comforter. A little
later at Home Goods I found a new set of Hotel sheets and this matching Barrel pillow.
I bought some extra Pillow shams in the same design but I resisted Buying the matching
Duvet. I had to because I have a closet full of new Duvets I've never even unwrapped so
I couldn't justify buying Another one today (there's always tomorrow!) Any way, I think this
one I picked from my Collection of white-on-white duvets is Gorgeous and will do just Fine
Someone will Sleep well tonight!
Still Loving my Felicity slipcover chair and side table. Next weekend the
Thomasville outlet will hold its annual Labor Day sale so you know I'll
be there to Check it out. I'm on vacation the week before Labor Day
(Yea!) so I'll have plenty of time to stalk... Uh, I mean Check them out!
I had to get some of this Linen spray today - White Tea & Ginger. Bliss!
Timer just went off! 45-minutes playing in the Bedroom went by in
a Flash... So back to the Kitchen. Well now... What do We have here?
What to put on my Pizzas? I decided on roasted Green and Yellow peppers,
Canadian bacon, red Onion, yellow and Roma tomatoes, garlic, Basil I clipped
from my plant on the Deck, garlic and of course, Pepperoni and Mozzarella!
Out to the Grill we go! It's not just for Burgers and hotdogs Any more...
Not with this Fantastic Grill-top Pizza Stone by Villaware at work!
Even better On sale but whatever the cost, it is Worth every Penny
You preheat the stone on the Grill with all burners on High for 15 minutes
After fifteen minutes you turn the burners under the Grill to medium
Brandon's pizza was First. He requested All meat and cheese
William was Next. He wanted All pepperoni and Cheese
Not a bad First effort making pizzas on a Grill!
I see this only getting Better the more I try...
I was told to Surprise him so I picked Roasted peppers, yellow
tomato and Canadian bacon - Turned out to be Just what he wanted!
Smells amazing!
My turn! Garlic, basil, Roma tomatoes and Red onion...
Doesn't get Better than this! And, as a Bonus no one spent months
or Thousands of dollars installing an Outdoor pizza oven - Wow!

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