Monday, August 25, 2008

Vacation, Day 1

Plan A is to spend my Staycation floating around my pool, taking long afternoon naps with Bing and reading in my Hammock until sunset. However, when it rains we go to Plan B, which is Shopping! Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your Point of view, today was a Plan B day!

Bing knew it was gonna be a Sleeping-in kinda Day...
So while I got ready to Go, he went Back to it!
Out on the Deck this morning I found this little
guy making his Way over to the hot tub
Well, hello there Mr. Turtle!
After lunch I popped into an Antiques shop downtown that I never
noticed before and found this little Stamp machine I just couldn't pass up! 
Now when I bought it I had no idea what I'd do with it. After all, I have absolutely 
no use for an out-dated Stamp machine in my home Office... However, upon 
further inspection I discovered the Reason this thing weighs a ton is because it's built 
with an interior Steel liner. Probably to withstand any attempts at Vandalism, which in terms 
of Light-bulb moments, makes the Lower change compartment the Perfect safe! And, 
since it takes Quarters, this Stamp machine technically qualifies as a cool Piggy bank too!
While shopping for new bath Towels I couldn't pass up these cute Summer
bags either. I also popped into Home Goods to buy all the White Tea
and Ginger linen spray they had left so I grabbed another Duvet too.
All in all, not a bad Start to my, boys-are-back-to-School vacation!

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