Friday, May 25, 2012

Pink Candy Scale moves on to do Good!

When I first brought my vintage pink candy scale home from the auction, I
never imagined I would ever part with it. However, as much as I enjoyed
using it, it didn't make the cut for the things I decided to put back
into the kitchen after my spring cleaning decluttering...
After posting about putting it into storage, a reader contacted me about
buying it; however, the details of how to meet in South Carolina to save her
the shipping just never worked out. And, after receiving an e-mail from the
sweet owner of Bow-Wow Beauty Shoppe in San Diego today, I know why!
Do pop over to her website and you'll agree... That my super-cute, vintage
pink penny-candy scale was just destined to weigh out doggie treats in
Miss. Michelle's ultra-chic, retro, pink and black, Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe!
So while the built-in bookcase I commissioned is going into the den...
I got estimates for shipping from UPS and the USPS... And then I
had my beloved pink candy scale professionally wrapped to ship!
Never, ever in my whole life have I wished to deliver something more!

As many of you know, 100% of the money I am paid for the click-ads on my blog is donated directly to Wounded Warrior Project. However, what you might also like to know is that I donate any money I receive from items sold as a result of my blog too. Recently, I was contacted by a reader who wanted to purchase the pitcher I picked up from Stonega Hospital so I offered to send it to her in exchange for a $50 donation to WWP. Today I'd like to formally thank Miss. Michelle for taking the pink candy scale off my hands because what she has so generously paid for it will do lots of good for our Wounded Warriors and their families. 

If you would like to donate to Wounded Warrior Project, please click here

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  1. What a coincidence that I'm reading this post while waiting for icing to try on some royal icing Wounded templates I'm doing. I think it's wonderful that you donate to this project. I'm hoping to raise some awareness for it locally here. Glad the scale found a loving new home.


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