Saturday, May 5, 2012


Last Friday night we got the call every parent dreads. Our youngest blacked
out behind the wheel and totaled the truck. Thankfully, he walked away and
there was no one else involved... Just a couple of eyewitnesses that rushed
over to assist him... And, as a bonus, it appears that the tree will live too!
My husband loved that truck. So much so, that long after it was paid off and about
the time other guys begin looking for something new and shinier, he was still in
love with it. And, when the old girl's engine gave out he bought her a new one
and kept on rolling. I asked him once how long he intended to keep driving
that old truck and he told me he'd drive it for as long as he intended to stay
married to me. Which he followed up with... Forever. I was almost jealous!
The morning after we lost the truck, the garage door cracked right down the
middle. It's true what they say, when it rains, it pours! This was aggravating
since we put these garage doors in only a year after we bought the house. The
old wooden doors, original to the house, were roughly twenty five years old
but still going strong. But they were also drafty and required painting so we
traded them in for something brand new, that required no maintenance and
that we were told would certainly be more energy efficient and last forever...
However, over the years we've had to replace springs five times! So when one of
the springs snapped again on Monday night we weren't surprised. However, this
was the first time our garage door cracked in half! Finally fed up, we called a new
repair company this time, and while the technician figured up his estimate for a
new garage door and installation, I did a little reading... And right there, I noticed
that Amarr, the manufacturer, recommends a strut support be installed onto the
top of the door whenever a garage door opener is used with this door! So I looked...
No strut support there! So I phoned Lowe's to report a defect in their installation. But
they couldn't find us in their system. So I called Amarr who first told me the only life-
time warranty with these doors is for paint used to finish the doors. But then I pushed
a little and asked to speak to someone in warranty and Lanette in Kansas came on the
line. She knew exactly what I was talking about and after I connected her to the garage
door contractor who spoke all the garage-door lingo about the ways my garage door
was not installed correctly, I had a claim number for a FREE replacement garage door!
Which that evening called for a little retail therapy with SpaBoy to celebrate!
Seriously, how do the new Sur la Table
catalogs always feature something I need?
By the way... This photo I took of the installer contracted by Lowe's for Amarr
to install the garage doors those many years ago was instrumental in dating our
project, (since we are no longer in the system) and proved we did not install the
garage doors or the opener to the door. I recommend everyone document home
improvements this way. You just never know when you're going to need the proof!
My first concern after the garage door could no longer be operated was how I would
store the Mini since she's a convertible and not used to being left outside at night...
But just as I was fretting, Flow Mini in Winston-Salem called to remind me
of my service appointment and offered me a loaner! Even better than that,
a part they had to order still hasn't arrived, so I've had their Mini all week!
Don't you just love when a plan comes together like that?! Here's another plan that
came together in our favor... Instead of sending out the guys that have been putting
in what we now know were the wrong spring sets for our garage door, Ammarr sent
us the pros at AA American Garage Door. Honestly, the service we received from
Annette at the office couldn't have been friendlier or more helpful. She really went
the extra mile after we learned we'd have to deliver the title for our truck to the
salvage yard in order to complete the insurance claim. Why was that such a big
deal? Because the truck was moved to China Grove, NC, an hour and a half away,
and AA American was already on their way! But that didn't phase Annette at all...
Instead of rescheduling the job, she offered to send her husband and owner of the
company, saying he would come as late as we needed. On a Friday night, no less!
And, just like that...
The broken door came down!
We decided to replace the garage door opener with the Free garage door. This
cost was on us, but so well worth the $100 AA American charged. You see...
We installed the garage door opener for our new home in California, and
after the project was complete, there was well over $100 in the swear jar!
There are some things better left to the professionals! So while
Annette's dear husband installed the garage door and opener...
My dear husband did what he does best for me around the house...
And, while they did their best things... I did mine!
Oh, hush!
What's one more little cake stand?
Look at all this progress!
Am I the only girl that loves to watch men at work?
I don't know about you but it's pretty high on my list of past-times!
See that beautiful metal bar across the top of my beautiful
new Amarr Stratford 3000 garage door? That's a strut, which
provides support to the door against the force of the opener!
This once again proves that my middle name is No-sale-is-ever-final!
So what began as a pretty stressful week has ended...
In a pretty spectacular way!
Now if you'll excuse me, we're off to shop for a new truck in Charlotte. Which may
include a little hop across the border to the Pottery Barn outlet in Gaffney, SC!


  1. Can't imagine receiving a phone call like you did and very happy to hear that your youngest walked away from it. Happy too that you don't take *no* for an answer and now you have a beautiful and properly installed new garage door because of it. Happy shopping for a new truck, you will have lots of room in the back for any Pottery Barn purchases :)

  2. Oh my goodness, Janet! What a week! So glad your son is okay! I got really sick on Friday and that's the really bad reason I never contacted you back. I'm really sorry. I felt like I was hit by a MAC truck. I was out of it the whole weekend. Feeling better now. Here's to a way better weekend!



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