Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flood Damage!

When it began to rain yesterday, I began to worry a little...
Because while our gardens always benefit and look even more amazing
after a good rain, what was happening was no ordinary rain event...
It poured for hours upon hours... And in the evening, it poured some more!
And, while having a creek behind your house does lend a
certain charm to the landscape... I've never trusted it!
I've never trusted that this babbling, seemingly calm
little creek wouldn't one day rise up and sweep away...
Everything I love in the garden. Because
remember... It's never been about the house!
We live outside!
We decorate our yards like most people decorate their homes!
On Sunday we even added new fish to the koi pond...
Last night I knew I'd never see them again!
On Sunday afternoon we watched the neighbor's children gather eggs...
You know I've always wanted chickens. So when the neighbor built this
coop, brought in adorable chicks and promised never to add a rooster,
I was pretty much in chicken-heaven! I mean, it meant hearing sweet
clucking sounds down by the pond, fresh eggs... But none of the work!
Last night we all stood together hoping some would survive the storm...
This morning when I saw my neighbor with her little boys and one of them
told me they were looking for their chickens that flew away, I wished them luck...
Indeed, there's a lot of sadness to go around. At 1AM this morning
I was scooping my beloved koi off the lawn and rushing them
back to the mud-hole that was once their tranquil home!
Last weekend I was so excited about crazy hosta-season...
And, I made mention of my wish to change
the lighting fixtures around the pond...
I'll tell you now... Be careful what you wish for!
Of course, I do feel a bit silly crying over hostas, chickens and fish when there
are neighbors up the street flooded out of their home and, neighbors next
door that can't flush their toilets until their septic line is put back together...
I do realize we got off easy being on this side of the creek. All we need
to repair our septic run-off line is a new fitting and a foot of new pipe...
And, the propane guy said the damage to the line that
feeds the kitchen will be fixed by late this afternoon!
And best of all... The gardener I love is already
hard at work putting things back together for me!
All he asks, he said, is that I remember...
That from destruction always comes new life!
Do me a favor... Spend a little time outside today and hug your garden for me!


  1. Im so sorry this happened to you. Praying for a fast clean up. :(

  2. and I've been envying your garden...it's only "stuff", I know...but it's the "stuff" that brings one joy. Prayers to you!

  3. So sorry to read this. Praying for you and those around you who were affected by the storm.

  4. This makes me so sad! I hope that many beautiful new things replace what was lost.

  5. I'm sorry Janet. I love your garden and always enjoy your beautiful photos.

  6. I hope that all of the Koi made it. I was so saddened to hear about the chickens. I hope that all will be right and peaceful again!

  7. So sad to see that happen to your beautiful yard! I love seeing the pictures of it's beauty before.

  8. So, here I am, admiring your beautiful garden...then I saw that poor chicken, and my heart felt sad. How very sad. Your positive attitude of gratitude is refreshing. I'm so sorry, but at least your are okay. You will rebuild.

  9. Oh Janet how devastating! It's like a tornado went thru... =(
    I hope cleanup is quick and you and your neighbors will be back to 'normal' soon!

  10. This makes me cry, and it's not even my garden. I'm so sorry for the mess; Mother Nature can be so cruel and destructive.
    I hope all is restored to normal soon, for you and your neighbors.

  11. Janet! I'm in disbelief!!! I'm so sorry.... Breaks my heart to see all the devastation...It does look like a tornado blew through!
    I'm sending you and your neighbors a big hug...
    all of your photos make me so sad....
    I've enjoyed your beautiful outdoor photos....
    breaks my heart for you.

  12. I have loved your photos of your beautiful yard. Send some of that rain to Florida. I know you will have a beautiful yard again I am just so sorry.

  13. I am stunned at the damage to your beautiful gardens. Bless your heart I'm sure you and your neighbors are devastated at all the damage. I have lived through a few of these myself. Your husband is right about the comming new life. Everything looks like it is still well rooted in the ground so that is a big indication of survival. Some mulch, a little straightening up and before you know it the new growth will be comming out to say hello to you. Hang in there and you'll see that it will perhaps be better than before. That's what I'm praying for you.

  14. Oh Janet! I know how devastated you must be over this flood damage. I feel terrible for you looking at these pictures. I know new life will come from this and in time your gardens will look even better than before, still this hurts and my heart hurts for you. Thankfully the damage done can all be fixed and that no persons were seriously hurt. Wish I could say the same for the poor chickens. So sad. Keeping you and your neighborhood in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. Oh how very sorry to hear this happened!!! Your yard is so beautiful, and it will be again. With your work and God's amazing renewal soon enough it will all be back, prettier than before. Sending prayers of thankfulness that your home and you are safe!

  16. I have followed your blog for a while now in awwww...but have never commented..
    I am typing thru tears for you... sending prayers and hopeful blessings to your way! <3

  17. Dear dlbwendy, Mynde, Paula, Alice, Darrylin, Junebugpins, Nancy, Lana, Marci, Beth, Steph, Sonya, Also, Debby, Nanners and Sonya - thank you all so very much for your sweet comments and concern. It has been extremely difficult but we are pluggin' along.

    Today we found that we only have six of the 13 koi we loved so much left. :( I want you to know that progress is being made so you stay in touch and keep reading along because I want you to be among the first to smile again with me!


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