Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rusty Wallace Driving Experience at Charlotte

Today, two of the biggest non-NASCAR fans went to
the track in Charlotte to see what all the fuss is about!
 Because for his birthday, I gave Army Dad a NASCAR driving experience...
Because there are only two things non-NASCAR
fans care about when thinking about NASCAR...
Driving the car...
And avoiding the crowds that come with attending a NASCAR event!
Both things a driving experience package guarantee!
Even during non-race events, the Charlotte motor speedway is a very busy place!
In addition to these driving experiences you can buy, there is also go-kart racing!
We prayed for no rain!
What we got was super hot!
But no rain... Which was great!
After watching the Petty driving experience guys do their thing...
It was our turn!
So while they finished up...
And cleared their cars off the track...
We went inside, to the Media center for a pre-driving experience class...
Which provided sweet relief from the heat!
After class instruction and being fitted for a helmet and fire suit...
It was time to be fitted for a car!
There were cars available for every shape and size driver!
Because it's very important to fit, so as to become one with the car!
Army dad wished to fit a Ford...
But before he would take the wheel alone...
There would be a ride-along with a professional driver. This add-on, which
cost an additional $69 was highly recommended as a way to gain a feel for
the car and to get additional hands-on instruction. What it turned out to
be was a three minute blur that did little more than lighten the wallet!
But we understand that programs like this aren't cheap
and that every opportunity to up-sell must be seized!
And, trust me, they were! $69 portrait, $69 pro ride-along
pre  your Rusty Wallace driving experience, $49 video...
The menu of options to add to your $500 driving experience was a long one!
In the end, each driver must decide their own level and price of fun!
After all the instruction, cautions and up-selling, it was time to drive!
Time to strap this die-hard Ford man of mine...
Into a Dodge!
Poor guy!
Oh... I forgot to tell you, another add-on is driver's insurance!
During registration, there is great emphasis on buying the insurance...
And, when you decline to buy the insurance, which carries a one-thousand
dollar deductible, you're told to write on your waiver the following sentence...
I understand that if I wreck the car I will pay
Rusty Wallace Racing Experience $15,000.00
Of course, the lawyer in me instead wrote: I understand that if I can be found liable
for damages to the vehicle, I will pay actual repair costs, not to exceed $15,000.00
Which no one bothered to proof-read...
Which saved me $69. Besides, as scary as the pit-girls selling insurance
make the experience sound, the truth is they only run 4-6 cars on the track
at a time. Which means my #22, whom you see blurring by there at 135mph
on this particular lap, had plenty of room to complete his 12 laps just fine!
Doesn't mean everyone should opt out of the insurance... Whoa, look at him go!
Just means it's okay to get the facts and practice a little
personal risk analysis before you add to your bottom line!
All in all...
We give the Rusty Wallace Driving Experience a thumbs up!
And, can now check driving NASCAR at Charlotte off the old bucket list!

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  1. Quite the experience. Love that you amended the insurance waiver. So many people don't read the fine print when signing off for experiences like this. The pocketbook sure can depreciate quickly during these test drives!


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