Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

The urn vases I ordered earlier this week arrived just in time
for Mother's Day! I imagined them full of pink peonies from the
garden... But unfortunately the heavy rain we had the other day
wiped them all out. So I turned to my old stand-by... Tulips!
My collection of vintage glass flower frogs always
comes in handy to keep my stems propped up straight!
Mom included a check with the Mother's Day card she sent me...
Along with a little note that said...
Treat yourself to a pedicure and some flowers!
So after work, and after my pedi, I stopped in at
Whole Foods where I found an amazing variety of tulips!
But for me, only these purple/white numbers would do!
It's a Kansas State thing!
Thank you, Mom!
I'm thinking of you this weekend and especially on Mother's Day!
Kinda like I do every other day!
Missing you terribly...
And always so thankful to have you!
I hope you have tulips on your table this weekend too!
After I arranged my tulips I was called outside...
And reminded that there are bouquets out here for me too...
Because around here, Spring is followed by crazy-Hosta season!
I love crazy-hosta season!
And crazy Fern season too!
I smell fire...
Because it's a perfect evening to sit by the firepit!
In a few minutes we'll get to watch bats pop out of our
bat house. And, we'll count bats imitating Count von
Count on Sesame Street. Because we're nerdy like that!
One... One bat. Two... Two bats. Three... Three Bats... Ha-ha-ha!
However you plan to enjoy it, have a very Happy Mother's Day!


  1. And Happy Mothers' Day to you as well, Janet! I so enjoy your blog~

  2. I love your glass urns and tulips! I have never tried hostas. I do have a few ferns. I like how they look together! I have a bathouse too! It is deteriorating, so we put up a second one. No bats have moved into it yet. We even had the old one fall. The post broke at the bottom in some high wind. We have it back up now. My bats usually have their babies In May.
    P.S. We like to sit outside and count them at emergence too!

  3. What pretty glass vases and those frogs! Your tulips are so gorgeous! Happy Mother's Day to you,
    Shelia ;)

  4. What beauty you have in and around your home. From the frogs, (vase kind) to the koi pond, then fire pit, I love them all. Nice pedi btw. Enjoy all the beauty surrounding you and may you have a wonderful Mother's Day yourself.

  5. Happy Mother's Day, Janet!
    as always, your gardens are exquisite!
    I'm saving the picture of your fire pit to show Chris... It's amazing!
    {hope you don't mind that I pinned it.}
    My children will all be home for Memorial weekend, and so ~ that time will be my "Mother's Day!" Really, it's every day that we know we are loved and that our children move through life sharing the love they received from us.
    God bless you, always,

  6. What a sweet post to your Mom for Mother's Day. I'm sure she loved seeing your beautiful tulips and I hope your enjoyed a lovely Mother's Day weekend yourself. Certainly seems so :)


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