Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cakestand display cabinet idea crashes and burns!

I am rarely wrong...
Just ask me... I'll tell you!
But when I decided to trade off my kitchen dining set for a cabinet
to display most of my cake stand collection, I believed I was doing
the right thing. I mean the kitchen table was too big for the corner,
we weren't using it and I really, really wanted a cabinet for my cake
stands. So I sold the dining set and got excited about trying my luck
at refinishing a cabinet I thought would look amazing in my kitchen!
But the longer I lived with it the more the rustica of it all began to
make that part of me that insists on order and straight lines twitch!
 And not in a good way!
While we're on the subject... As happy as I
am with my decision to add a pot rack
Last weekend when I was asked if I wanted to throw the shelves
into the pile destined for Goodwill, I realized I was really, really
missing my collection of Martha entertaining and recipe books!
Then there's the matter of where my kitchen Christmas tree would go...
Not to mention my Easter tree!
And then there's the matter of this!
It's my linen press. Where inside, every drawer is overflowing...
With my kitchen table placemat...
And table runner collection!
Which seems silly when you no longer own a kitchen table! So since I resold
the display cabinet last week I decided to do a little on-line shopping for a
new kitchen dining set. I wanted a smaller table, and of course, something
white! I also wanted to spend a bit wiser since although I sold the set I had
for $650, it was still $575 less than I paid for it. So where does one shop
for awesome bargains in their pajamas at midnight? Craigslist, of course!
Squeeeee! I couldn't believe it when I saw it!
 It was offered for sale by a sweet couple in Oak Ridge who moved it here from
Fullerton for their daughter who was supposed to relocate with them...
However, now that their daughter has decided to stay in California,
the couple has decided to pack up and leave North Carolina too!
Fortunately, everyone agreed the dining set should stay in North
Carolina with me! Best of all, while the table is smaller, it has a
leaf and extra chairs, which will come in handy when I throw
another gathering and need an extra spot for drinks or desserts!
As for spending wiser... Only $125. No, really! And, look!! Martha
made it back on my wall too! But what about my cake stands?
Well, I decided to liquidate my Jadeite collection to make room
for it in my kitchen cabinets. The extra thousand dollars I made
over what I paid for the collection, plus the fact that my cake
stands are easy to reach has magically cured the twitching!
I must tell you... Being wrong slightly confused about
what I wanted has never worked out better for me!
Or for Leo!


  1. Why can I not find great deals like that on Craigslist??
    It looks great!

  2. Wow! You did good! Love your sweet little table and chairs. That was a beautiful Jadeite collection you had but I like the arrangement you have now! You have wonderful things! Wish I lived next door.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Don't you love it when order is restored and a new look accompanies it?!
    I love that you also "twitch"; it's hard to make others understand what it's like. :)

  4. Hooray! I'm so happy to see that you changed your mind about the cakestand cabinet - it never looked right for your beautiful kitchen. Now everything looks nice & neat and so inviting - you have excellent taste. I so enjoy following you. Also happy to see Leo & Bing back in the picts. :)

  5. All things worked out (really well) for you in the end. Your cake stands look great in the kitchen cupboard and really, it is a cabinet display especially with the glass doors...just an elevated one. Enjoy that lovely new table and chairs set. It's perfect for that corner.

  6. i never find anything on craigslist. i've just about given it up. NICE table and chairs. and i love where your cake plates ended up. :o)

  7. Oh my goodness! What a fantastic end result to your cake stand woe. I'm thinking you just took the senic route to get there. It seems like everything worked out for the better all around. It is absolutely beautiful the way you have it arranged. Congratulations on the great buy! Now you have some cha ching left from selling the other cabinet to spend on... Oh I love it. Can't wait to see what you do next.

  8. I LOVE all your cake stands, they make me smile every time I see them. Love the new table, so cute! Love seeing Leo and Bing again!


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