Sunday, August 21, 2011

We do Birthdays right!

After mass this morning, shopping and dinner at Bonefish...
There was Cake!
And matching Cupcakes!
And wishes made!
All to Celebrate my wonderful mom on her special day!
William and Julie joined us for the party...
And, a happy-time was had by all!
I have loved having my parents visit...The only problem I have
with them is that they always have to leave me and go back home!


  1. Your cute mama!
    I have fallen in LOVE with her!
    Excuse me!
    Did you make that cake!!!!!!!
    And those tall cupcakes!
    How did you get those cupcakes that tall?
    I wanna come see YOU!
    Hugs and LOVE as you let go of your adorable parents...til you meet again.

  2. * leave me and go back home* Ah yes, but look at the wonderful memories you have shared this visit:)


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