Monday, August 22, 2011

Biltmore Butterflies!

After mom and dad left, and while I hid under the covers all day...
Army dad was busy hanging the stained glass Butterfly that
mom and I picked up at one of the gift shops at Biltmore
She really wanted a large one too, but mom was worried about how to get it
home. So I surprised her with a smaller, more carry-on friendly version for
her birthday. However, the real surprise will come later this week, when
the big one she liked the most will be delivered to her at home! It was
not easy, but I managed to distract her to pull off a sneaky moment!
I love it, and I know mom will be thinking of me every time she sees her
butterfly in the window just like I'm thinking of her when I look at mine!

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  1. Love butterflies. This is stunning and to have another hanging in your Mom's window...even better than leaving a candle there.


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