Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is your Special day and I am...
So happy you're here to Celebrate with us. Look! I kept
that 70-number off the cake, just like you suggested!
Last night, Mom hopped on the mower. Army dad doesn't let anyone touch
his lawn tractor... At least that's what I'm always telling him is the rule!
Funny... Until mom used it, I didn't know there was a turbo feature!
 She mowed the back yard in half the time it usually takes!
I hope I'm riding the mower at her age. Not really... But you know what I mean!
Well done, Mom!
You look like a pro, which means you should trade in that
postage stamp back yard at home and move here immediately! 
Because one thing's for sure... 
Our yard has Never looked better!
Happy, Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. Your mom ROCKS!!! I know she will have a happy birthday with the delicious looking cake and cupcakes as well. I loved the photographs and if I can do that when I reach 70, I won't mind having it on my birthday cake for all to see.

  2. Your Mom is awesome! So is that cake!!!


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