Sunday, August 14, 2011

The best kind of Company to have!

Mom and Dad finally arrived!
They were happy to see William again... And, to meet his sweet girl, Julie too!
Yesterday we took them to Raleigh where Mom and I picked up right where we
left off the last time we were together and we shopped until the stores locked
their doors. As you can see... I bought every pair of shoes I liked and mom came
in a close second, buying every pair she believes will still cram into her luggage...
We hit Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, Lacoste, (where we both found the cutest
sweaters!) and Sephora where I turned mom onto all things Lavanila. We had an
early dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, then we popped in on SpaBoy at Aveda
too. Mom and dad looooved meeting him! We still have our (shopping) trip
to Asheville, Highlands and Cashiers coming up this week so mom's
a bit worried about running out of space in her bags. But I told her not
to worry... Because what doesn't fit, always ships. So problem solved!
One of the shops I couldn't wait to share with mom is The Elegant Relic
in Mebane. We stopped by on our way to Raleigh, and I picked up this great
pad of placemats, and mom's taking this beautiful candle back home with her!
You know what a sucker I am for placemats, and these are extra-fun!
So yesterday it was all about the shopping... And, we killed it! But today it's
all about the calm. We went to Mass this morning and stopped for burgers at
Five Guys on the way home. Now dad's napping in the study and mom is camped
out in the solarium in front of what she's been calling our nature television ever
since they arrived. She just loves all the birds, squirrels, chipmunks and the...
And me... Well, the only thing better than everything we
have is having my parents here to enjoy it with us!


  1. Great photo of everyone on the new sofa! Wow...what a shopping day! Love your mother's term for your very fitting. Enjoy your time together.

  2. Have a wonderful time. Isn't it great when your parents are your good friends as well?

  3. Love the shoes!!! Looks like you found some treasures! Enjoy your family time!


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