Friday, December 24, 2010

Carmel Christmas Eve

We spent this Christmas Eve morning taking in the shops in Carmel...
Which is what I consider the perfect way to spend any day!
 Especially with mom and dad, and especially on Christmas!
 Oh, how I've missed all these cute shops and restaurants!
I like to think they've missed me too...
Oh, yes we did! Poor Santa... He just couldn't help himself!
Hey, William... Look! We've just spotted your next vehicle! 
We'll have it shipped home right away!
We stopped at Jim Miller's gallery to say hello...
And, I did a tiny bit of damage at Lush. Because I cannot not buy bath bombs!
Look... Cake pops! Seems like I've seen, (and done!) them before!
We had the best salted pretzel here!
It was dificult, but we managed to resist everything else!
To me one of the most beautiful trees on the Peninsula is the Live Oak...
And this one on Ocean Avenue in Carmel is just spectacular!
Speaking of spectacular... We stopped at Paris bakery to pick up our Christmas dessert!
It's my favorite Monterey bakery!
For lots and lots of reasons!
It was a tough decision; however, mom and I finally settled
on one... A little chocolate number filled with raspberry!
We're home now and it looks like...
Santa has found us!
There's no snow on the ground here for Christmas...

Only blue skies and puffy white clouds!
But no one's complaining!
Besides, we know where winter lives, and we'll be back there all too soon!
Oh, no! Looks like Brandon packed his broken smile!
Fortunately, Grandma's smile is working just fine!
Merry Christmas Eve!


  1. And Merry Christmas Eve to you to my FRIEND!
    How I love thee....Carmel!
    You are of the most magical places on earth!
    Enjoy JANET!
    I want that red Mini Cooper!
    I want to live in that 2nd shoppe down.
    I want to bathe in a different LUSH bath bomb every night!
    And I want to drive the 17 mile loop in that blue VW van!
    ANd I wanna do it all with YOU!
    Tell Brandon to smile!
    He's got the BEST most wonderful MOM in the world!
    Snuggles to you this Christmas Eve!

  2. *A blessed Christmas to you, Janet*
    Wishing you all the best for the New Year*
    Enjoy all the sweet moments of Christmas Day*

  3. Merry Christmas!
    Look like you have been having a WONDERFUL trip :) I love all you photos, it's like I'm on vacation.

  4. What a beautiful way to spend Christmas Eve afternoon. Thanks so much for the beautiful mini tour of Carmel. It is enchanting! Brandon just seems to be tired. Hoping you all get in some rest before celebrating a wonderful Christmas day together. All the best to you and your family in 2011.


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