Monday, December 21, 2009

Swapin' Sugar... Delivery Day!

Look what just Arrived in the mail! Yes, just now at 6PM... Very late for
our sweet mail-lady who apologized for the weather she said has managed
to keep her way behind her schedule today. Nevertheless, what you're looking
at is the package dear blogger, Monica sent for our mutual Cookie exchange!

Why did I ask him to bring my mail up to our bedroom to open? Because
it's a whole lot Warmer up here under my featherbed - the kitchen
is Freezing right now! So since I cannot wait to open the box
until the house warms up, you'll just have to indulge
me these bedroom dresser shots. Look at all
this cuteness... It's a cookie-filled suit case!

Which makes Perfect sense! How else would cookies
travel in style from Texas to North Carolina? Oh, my!
These cookies are Beautiful and completely intact!
(Click photo once to Enlarge)

Dearest Monica - The card you wrote is Touching
and the photo you enclosed will be cherished...

And this Patriotic ornament you included means the world to me! Also, you may
expect me to display the Mixer ornament in my kitchen for the rest of my life!

And last, but surely not least... Your Cookies are simply the BEST I have
ever tasted! Thank you, Monica. I'll be your sugar-Swap buddy ANYtime


  1. Yay! I'm glad they got to you today. I just enjoyed one of your cookies as well. I love that little mixer ornament too, so I got one for myself as well. I figured if I cna't have hte real thing, at least I can have an even cuter mini version :-)

    I'm glad you liked the cookies, but the icing looks like a mess! They look wet, were they? I'm sorry for that. I wonder how that happened?


  2. LOVE IT!! That is amazing and beautiful and so sweet to read about!!


  3. Once again Janet...
    I know I'm suppose to whisper...
    but you always make me want to shout!!!
    I am telling you...
    if I received that incredible package my life would just be beyond complete!
    I know those cookies must be divine...and the love and care and thought that was put into it reigns supreme!
    I just smiled all the way through this!
    Take a bit of one of those lovely cookies for me!

  4. Very professional looking cookies.

    I have never heard of a mixer ornament but it is so cute!!

    Wishing you Happy Holidays!! Terry


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