Sunday, December 6, 2009

Second Sunday of Advent!

When we light the second Advent candle it's also time
to set up our collection of Nativity decorations

And after they are all set up, we call our Christmas decorating done!

Last year when I saw Shelley's collection of Jim Shore santa sculptures on her mantle
I decided to begin a Collection of my own. She warned that it could become an
addiction... And she wasn't kidding! Not only have I grabbed all the Santas I could
find, I couldn't help but add this beautiful nativity Angel to my collection too!

I meant to show you this piece sooner but I forgot... It's a vintage Fireplace
screen I picked up at the auction we attended in Wilksboro last month.
As soon as I saw it cataloged I knew it would be coming home with me
because the Needlepoint work is just extraordinary. And I love...

... this Charming little village scene!

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