Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookies and Hugh Grant night!

Before I left for work this Morning I wrapped
up my Christmas tree cookies to prepare
them for their trip to Texas tomorrow!

And after work today I got Busy on the birthday favor cookies

It's going to Snow here tomorrow so I thought I better
not delay and wait to the last minute to Finish them - lest I be
unable to deliver them in time for the party on Saturday!

I saved one of the sample cookies I made last week
just to ensure I could duplicate the Success I had. Because
you know me, when it counts, success is pretty much a Fluke!

But not this time... The icing tinting Fairy was kind to me today!

Very kind!

I took a break from my cookie Decorating-fest tonight to attend an advanced
showing of the new Hugh Grant movie, Did you hear about the Morgans? 

It was Wonderful! But you should probably not take my word for it
and go see the Film yourself. I'm one of those Hugh Grant fans that could
pretty much watch him stand on his head and be Utterly thrilled

At the end of the Viewing we were offered posters. I requested 16
so if you need one, let me know! I'm using this one in the kitchen
to keep me motivated to decorate Cookies past midnight

Because without Hugh Grant, well, this
just wouldn't get done tonight!

All that's left to do now is Wrap the party cookies. Gillian's colors
are Pink, purple and pearly green. Since I couldn't incorporate
the green into the design of the cookie, I've done it with the ribbon!

When my friend said she would send me the Guest list so I would
have the Names to put on the cookies, all I could think
was that I hoped there were no really Long names!

No Nathaniel, Constantine or Wilberforce, please... Much to
my delight, Jackson and Graham were the the worst of the list. Now
I cannot wait to Deliver these to the party-girl tomorrow afternoon!


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