Monday, December 28, 2009

Cioppino and Chatty clams!

Let's make some Cioppino!

Tiger prawns, Scallops and little neck clams!

I call this my $100 dish. Why? Because between the $20 Cioppino soup base from
Williams-Sonoma and the roughly $60-80.00 in Seafood it requires, it's about $100
by the time I get it to the table. Still... He loves it so whatever it costs, it's Worth it!

Someone told me a little white Wine might make my cioppino even Better than
the last time I made it. I wouldn't know because I don't drink. It's not a religious
or AA thing... I just never developed an Appreciation for wine or any other kind
of alcohol. Truth is, as soon as I was legal to drink, drinking lost all appeal 

I swear these Clams are moving!

And these clams in the Sink are blowing bubbles at me!

No. I haven't been tasting the Wine... These guys are really chatting!

Hush over there!

This is me, ignoring the Chattering clams that are all around me...

Oh, Look! I fixed them... Because no one's Chatting anymore!

This smells amazing, and I don't even care for Cioppino!

I only make it because it's his Favorite dish

And as long as he likes it, I'll be Happy to make it!

But me... I'm sticking with Chicken and pasta...

Because it has Less to say!


  1. The chicken doens't talk back- ha ha!

    Both meals look wonderful to me. By the way, you inspired me to make nachos tonight. so good!

  2. Chatty clams :)

    I don't know if you have seen "Julie and Julia" but there is the scene where she has to cook lobster and isn't looking forward to it and chats on her blog about how her white noise machine was chanting "Lobster Killer" to her and then her husband sings it to her-first thing that popped into my mind.

    I often cook things for my hubby that I don't like, but pretty sure he wouldn't ask for this. He likes fish and shrimp, but no other seafood. It is a beautiful looking dish though!

  3. Wow. Wow. Wow. That is totally beautiful. I'm on my way with a spoon and a fork. Both look amazing!

  4. YUM,
    and I see the new KitchenAid with the glass all my favorites in one scroll. (I wish I had the glass bowl;)


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