Saturday, December 12, 2009

Auction Fun!

We took our monthly trip to Wilksboro this afternoon to attend the
holiday auction put on by the Great State Auction company. I saw this
sweet vintage Roaster featured in their on-line Listing and decided it would
be coming home with me. Unfortunately, we arrived late and it had already
been Auctioned off. Fortunately, the lady that was high Bidder was still
present in the gallery and had it placed under her Seat for me to find 

So I popped over to ask her how much she had to Bid to win it

She said she gave $10.00 for it and a red one similar to it as a set - Damn!

So I told her to name her Price for the green one and paid it. I
could tell that she thought she was getting over on me by asking
four times what she paid for both roasters. But I've seen these
roasters in antique stores priced twice that much, and not nearly
as nice, and they're always missing the roasting rack. So while I
didn't get it for $10, I still came home with it as planned! I
love how it looks on my Counter and how it compliments
my collection of Jadite in the kitchen cabinet above it!

I hadn't seen this set in the photo Catalog before we arrived
but when it came up I had to bid on it. It's Pink and perfect! 

It's much Older than I am, and for only $15.00, why not?

Now this... This was the Main reason I
wanted to attend today's estate auction!

Ever since I first saw knife boxes sitting on the buffets in the
dining rooms at James Monroe's Ash Lawn-Highland estate,
year, I've been looking for one of my own. And today... I have one!

It carries my good Silverware perfectly!

There was one woman that gave me a nice Run for my money
but this was one Bidding war she wasn't going to win! 

Unfortunately I either need to find a bigger Buffet for the
dining room now or find someone that wants a Pewter tea set!


  1. It looks perfect with your jadite collection. great finds today!

  2. Is that some kind of frame filled with WINE CORKS? Oh, kindred soul mate....


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