Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Trekking!

He said, Let's go for a walk in our snow! So I pulled
the Ducks out of the closet and out into the snow we went!
Good-bye cozy, Warm house!
We live in the country on what they call, Secondary roads...
Which means you're home until the snow melts unless
you have a 4-wheel drive. Which we do, but we're
still happy to stay home until the Snow melts!
I love the Creek behind our house. I love it in all seasons but especially
In the Winter when it snows!
I wouldn't Drink from our creek
but I love all the critters that do
I'll just stick to watching it Flow and
enjoying how it changes with the seasons
Time to wander the Garden and trek out into our forest
It's a Snow-pie!
Yes. I love our creek!
Ha! Looks like the water bottle I left on the
table the last time we sat by the Fire is on ice! 
There's only one way into our forest
from the back yard and that Bridge is it!
Made it!
The plan is to build a Garden house over here...
I'm all for putting this beautiful piece of Property to good use!
Nothing huge... Just a cute little Folly to hang out in
and watch the Seasons change!
And the critters play! Looks like someone cracked
a Nut just before settling into their den for a nap!
Our raccoon family lives under this tree in the creek
See that little Smudge of dirt there in the snow on
the left? That's where they go in and Pop out in
the evening for the Snacks I put out for them
Okay. I'm cold...
Time to go back in the house now... Bing
promised to keep my spot Warm for me!


  1. That 4th picture os the creek is gorgeous- it could go on a Christmas card!

  2. What gorgeous pics! It look like where my hubs grew up....out in the country in Duluth. His home "town" is lovely!


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