Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Finally... Snow-globe Cookies!

What you see here is the beginning of my Last cookie project of the year!

And it's just too Cute for words!
(click any photo once to enlarge)

The moment my December issue of Martha Stewart Living
arrived, I vowed to create these snow-globe cookies designed
by the talented and beautiful, Dani Fiori... Then I got
busy with Thanksgiving and forgot all about them!

Then, Dani featured a, How-to segment on them during one of her
cookie-week shows the week before Christmas and I ordered This

Then I got busy with Christmas and forgot about them again!

Thankfully, I'm back on track now. Because I will not allow my year
to end without having some of these Snow-globe cookies to show you!


  1. Oh!
    Do not tell me you are going to decorate cookies like these adorable snowglobes!
    Oh...I just can't wait to see!
    I've got to follow your blog so I will know when to pop over!
    I love it over here!
    Except you know I have difficulty whispering!
    I'll try and do better!

  2. You and Monica with your pretty cookies. I'm not worthy....


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