Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last cookies of the Year!

They came out of the Oven looking so perfect,
there's almost no reason to Decorate them!

Still, we decorate Snow-globes like Dani Fiori
did on the Martha Stewart show tomorrow!


  1. Oh they do look perfect. They almost look like balloons!

    What recipe did you use for the cookies and would you mind sharing with me the icing recipe you use again. I can't find the email where you originally sent it. Thanks!

    Any wonderful plans for tomorrow night?

    xoxo, Monica

  2. Oh Janet!
    Can hardly wait to see the decorations on these perfect cookies!
    How do you get your dough thickness so even...all the cookies are the same width.
    Is there a secret?
    Do you use Bridget's recipe or do you have your own?
    Are you linking up with Bridget's cookie party?


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