Thursday, November 19, 2009

I get to shop for Thanksgiving twice!

If you're like me, and you own the Kitchenaid Superba, model #KSRS25FK refrigerator and it stops working the week before Thanksgiving, you get to shop for Groceries twice! All that Fun aside...

This morning as I left for work, I stopped in the kitchen with the intention of grabbing a couple of Salmon filets from the freezer to thaw in the refrigerator for dinner. However, as I opened the freezer door, I was greeted by a flush of water that spilled down the front of my skirt instead!

Immediately, I notice the freezer air smelled warm and I saw that the gush of water came from the Ice bin in the door where all the ice was melted since the freezer QUIT working! Yesterday? The day before? I can't be sure since we've had salads and panini sandwiches for dinner all week. So it's been a while since I've been into the freezer... Mainly because I already know we're out of Ice cream! Any way, when I opened the refrigerator door to check it, I noticed things in there weren't very cold either... Drat! Drat! Double-Drat!

Who has time for this Crap right before work? Not me! I was lucky to remember to grab the salmon... So I left Mr. B to throw down bath towels on the floor and to dial the appliance repairman while I changed my clothes and FINALLY got out the door to work.

This so completely Ticks me off because with this failure of our Kitchenaid refrigerator... It means that now, ALL of our Kitchenaid appliances have broken down since we bought them new! You know about me and my, (some say too many) Kitchenaid stand mixers... So when I had the opportunity to remodel a kitchen and pick out all New appliances I thought Kitchenaid first.

And, what did I get for my choice? First, the microwave was Recalled five minutes after it was delivered and installed. Then, the dishwasher broke three times in six months and after its warranty expired, the handle latch broke a second time. The stove needed an ignition switch for one of the gas burners that quit working three months after it was slid into place, and a year after that, the glass panel under the burner knobs shattered for no apparent reason. Well, except that the technician said it must have been, "Under stress." Aw, Poor baby! Fortunately, all those major repairs occurred during the warranty periods. But now... Waaaay outside of warranty, the refrigerator goes kaput!

So I called Bobby Teague appliances in Winston-Salem on my way to work and asked the nice lady there to fax over the receipt on the refrigerator. Then I called Kitchenaid.

Long story short, I was ready for a fight! But instead, I was connected to an amazing lady there named Mia, who looked up my Superba side-by-side refrigerator and told me, almost immediately, that today's service charge, plus all Costs for labor and parts to repair my refrigerator as well as any spoilage, is covered! Why? Because, she said, there is a documented, "Quality issue" for this model. And, since our hardwood floor got wet overnight because water was draining from the ice bin through the door dispenser, Mia said she'll also be sending us a Claim form in case there is any permanent damage. So... Yea!

Totally restores my faith in Kitchenaid!

I wouldn't normally mention this kind of trivial frustration; however, since there might be others experiencing this same issue I've decided to post it as sort of an on-line item of public service... I mean, some people just decide the appliance is out of Warranty and never call the manufacturer. Clearly, I'm not one of those people.

Besides, it's been while since I've shared a tid-bit of the Petty Grievance variety - so I guess we were due!


  1. What a bummer Janet! I would have been ticked. Oh wait, I was ticked off when this happened to us a couple months ago. The good thing about that is that our neighbor was able to help us fix it. That and that it was our garage refrigerator and not our LG kitchen fridge. No fun either way.

    Based on this entry I don't think I'll be buying any major KitchenAid appliances anytime soon, despite their customer service. Thank goodness for that though!

    Have a good weekend my dear.

    xoxo, Monica

  2. Oh, I'm sorry. There's never a good time for these things to happen and especially not right before a holiday. Glad Kitchen Aide came through for you! My mixer is my single best purchase of last year.


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