Sunday, November 8, 2009


We drove up to Pinnacle today to preview an auction scheduled there
next weekend. Why? Because I noticed this sweet little Orphan was
listed as part of the estate inventory. You know the Story of mine... 
So you know I've been on the hunt to replace it for many years. We were told
the mistress of the home died four years ago and her Husband, whom the
neighbor lady told me drove this Charming little car every day, died eighteen
months ago. And that's the story. No. The VIN number does not match mine...
And, yes... I do always look. This one is minus that cute little
chrome Luggage rack I loved so much on the trunk of mine
The body could not be in Better shape! I imagine with a bath and Polish,
it might look as good as mine did. The engine compartment, however...
Seems to be a bit of a project! But that's okay. We'll be
back next weekend to place our bid and see what happens

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  1. Oh I hope it makes it way to your home. That would be quite a reunion even if it isn't your old car.

    How cool!


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