Sunday, November 8, 2009

Perfect autumn evening...

With a high today of over 70 degrees, it felt more
like summer. But the colors Betrayed the climate...
The warm weather didn't last into this Evening either...
It got down-right Chilly. Not that we minded...
We just Snuggled up under a blanket in our
hammock spot and Watched the leaves fall
And then he said... You know what I feel like? And I said, No,
what do you feel like? Warm chocolate chip cookies, he said
So after a little while I left my Warm spot by the fire pit...
And my Smiling tree...
and Comfy hammock spot...
To go inside and whip up some Ghiradelli chocolate chip cookies!
Some with Walnuts and some without. Because I prefer mine without!
No one minds the Chocolate though!
Then, someone popped in from the Yard and
told me he thinks these Cookies will be too big...
Honestly! Who thinks Chocolate chip cookies can be too
big? More importantly, who says such things Out loud?
Nevertheless, one must Do what she should
to Preserve her own matrimonial harmony
Besides, there's a very special US Army Ranger that's never,
ever complained about my Baking. I'm sure he won't mind if I pack
up some of these, too-Big cookies and send them to him on his...
Very first Veterans day. I miss
you, Moo! Thank you for your service!

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  1. You have the most beautiful back yard... and I have to admit. I might have drooled a little at your work station. Love that mixer. And the cutting board and the wire cooling rack... all perfect!


    Go Army!


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