Saturday, November 14, 2009

MGB auction day!

Attending the auction in Pinnacle today was a whole lot of fun! This MGB
being auctioned as part of the deceased Estate brought out many
interesting and colorful MGB collectors and enthusiasts. Like me!
It was fun chatting about our MG experiences. Of course, I was
the only one in the Bunch that ever had their MGB stolen! 

This one Ruined it for every one... Especially the estate! Because why
would you bid on a major Project after you meet this guy who tells you
he picked this one up through e-Bay, located in California, (no Rust!!)
and had it shipped home to North Carolina for less than $5k. Hell! He
paid less, ($800) to ship this one from California than I paid, ($1,500)
to ship mine from California to Virginia twenty three years ago! 

And this one is Perfect... Which just happens to be my middle name!

This isn't the 1980 Limited Edition like mine, (or the one up for auction) - this
one is a 1979-B; however, seeing this one and hearing the guy give his opinion
about how very difficult and Expensive it would be to bring the auction project
back to where I'd need it to be to be happy, I decided to pass on bidding. In case
you're wondering, the winning bid on the MGB project was $3,800.00 and every
one of the MGB collectors/enthusiasts there agreed that the poor guy way-Over paid
considering the amount of money/Work  it needs. We learned from the auctioneer
that the Engine is seized up and when he lifted the carpeting on the floor, you could
see straight through to the ground. Clearly, not the MGB for me. Mine is out there
though... And when I finally find it, I imagine it will look something like this!

After the auction in Pinnacle we drove over to Wilksboro for the
monthly Gallery auction put on by Great State Auction. We enjoy
their auctions a lot, the prices are always Terrific, and the people,
both the Customers and auction staff there are always entertaining!

I picked up this Ironstone pudding mold from 1860. I don't know
why... There was just something about it I couldn't ignore

Maybe it's the fact that it's in perfect Condition for something that's
survived the last 150-years. Or maybe it was the Low, low price?
Who knows... But it might just Inspire me to make a pudding!

Remember that Cake stand addiction I confessed to? Well, this
America Fostoria in mint condition was just the hit I needed today! 

I love it!

This piece of Irish crystal was practically
free, so I invited it home with me. It's a Sparkler!

So do tell... What did you find today?

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  1. My MIL has a ton of Fostoria that she inherited over the years, but most of it was an exchange for payment for a job she did. cool huh?

    I'm curious how much you got that cake stand for because they're usually so expensive. great find!


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