Friday, November 6, 2009

There is so much to say…

America needs to wake up! Stop asking why... Domestic Terrorism is why. Jihad is why.

The DC sniper is a terrorist. The LA airport gunman was a terrorist. The same kind of terrorists that flew planes into buildings and into the ground on 9/11 - they, and so many others who import their special brand of hatred for us right into our backyard, are no different than this Ft. Hood Jihadist.

He is not a victim of post-traumatic stress. He is not an American. And he most certainly is not a soldier.

He is a terrorist. A terrorist that stood on a desk and shot American heroes in their backs. He is not only a terrorist. He is a coward.

I am delighted that a Woman, hero-cop took him down and I am thrilled he lived. No 72-virgins in paradise for him – only pain, shame and hopefully a swift death that is not on his terms.

My father was a soldier, and an officer. My son is a United States Army Ranger. I am an American who loves her country.

That man is a terrorist and must be called one!

Those afraid to look into the eye of who this man is, are just as dangerous as he. I urge you to read here

Opening our eyes is the only act that will save us.

God Bless America and all those willing to defend her.

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