Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not so Fabulous after all...

Two years ago I noticed a glass (mug?) rack set atop a buffet in a Pottery Barn catalog. Unfortunately,
Pottery Barn doesn't sell the glass rack. It was just a photo Prop used in their catalog shoot. And, Shoot!,
is what I told Michael, the nice man at Pottery Barn in San Francisco assigned to answer my product
inquiry... Then, a year ago I received a Napa Style catalog and there it was! A small and a large version,
no less. Of course, I wanted the large one, like the one in the Pottery Barn catalog but alas, it was not to
be. Because while Napa Style featured both a small and larger version of this Inverse glass rack in
their catalog, for some reason, the Large size was never available for order. Or so, Natalie, the nice
consumer services representative assigned to answer my inquiry about it said when she Called me
back about it. Nevertheless, Miss. Natalie promised to keep me posted if she could ever figure
out when the large Glass rack would become available. In the meantime, I found the glass rack
at my favorite Antiques shop in Carmel Valley - remember this? However, that one was
already sold... So short story Long... Natalie with Napa Style phoned last week, and
not only is the large Glass rack now available for order, she said it's also on Sale!

And the Funny thing is... Now the small one is no longer available!

Sadly, after all the effort, I'm not as in love with this piece as I imagined
I would be. Perhaps it's just that my kitchen lacks that certain Tuscan-villa
ambiance of the Napa Style catalog necessary to pull this look off. Or maybe
it's that it so clearly overwhelms my Island. Or that after staring at it for the
last hour I've decided that storing our glassware this way seems a bit odd. But
the point that Finally made me decide to pack it up and call for a FedEx pick up
to return it tomorrow is that two of the Prong thingees are bent - So it's not quite
perfect. And because you know me, you already know I won't keep anything
I buy that is not perfect. The last time I decided to keep something that
wasn't perfect I married him. Ha! So sadly, the glass rack has to go...

Besides, this is a Baker's kitchen... And, what I need
within Reach more than my juice glasses are my tools!

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