Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall... The end!

It's official... Fall has met its end!
I always know it's the end when the Japanese maples catch fire!
And, everywhere I look, they're afire!
I can't wait for this new one to Grow up!
So if this is the end of Fall, and clearly, the trees say so... Then
why the heck is it Seventy-five degrees in the middle of November?
Truthfully, it feels more like the Beginning of summer today. Not.
Good. When we moved here I was promised Four seasons... So I
want my Winter too. All I can say is that winter better Hurry up!  
Because this girl is ready for a little Snow. Or a lot!

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  1. It's barely starting to feel like Fall here. It's supposed to freeze overnight but then it's back up to the mid-70's tomorrow. boo.


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